Kopcsó Krisztina

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Research Fellow

Research fields

- prenatal mental health and maternal-fetal attachment
- child development
- nighttime fears 



e-mail: kopcso@demografia.hu



Monostori, Judit – Szabó, Laura – Kopcsó, Krisztina (2023): The Impact of Family Complexity on the Risk of Developmental Delay and Socio-Emotional Difficulties in Early Childhood. Societies, 3(8), 192.

Veroszta, Zsuzsanna – Ökrös, Fruzsina – Kopcsó, Krisztina (2023): Impact of labour market reintegration on breastfeeding among mothers of 6-month-olds. Breastfeeding Review, 31(1), 7–19.

Kopcsó, Krisztina Láng, András (2023): Adolescents’ fear of the dark: associations with fear of death and trait-anxiety. European Journal of Developmental Psychology.

Pohárnok, Melinda – Kopcsó, Krisztina – Polgár, Petra, Ibolya (2022): The structure and correlates of the 20-item Maternal-Fetal Attachment Scale in a population-based sample of Hungarian expectant women. Midwifery, 112, 103422.

Kopcsó, K. – Láng, A. – Coffman, M.F. (2021). Reducing the Nighttime Fears of Young Children Through a Brief Parent-Delivered Treatment—Effectiveness of the Hungarian Version of Uncle Lightfoot. Child Psychiatry & Human Development. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10578-020-01103-4

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Boros, Julianna – Kopcsó, Krisztina – Makay, Zsuzsana – Szabó, Laura (2019). Child health and development in Cohort ‘18. In Veroszta Zsuzsanna (ed.): Conceptual framework. Growing Up in Hungary – Cohort ’18. Hungarian birth cohort study. Working Papers on Population, Family and Welfare, No. 32, Hungarian Demographic Research Institute, Budapest, 26–38.

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