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Senior Research Fellow

Research fields

- Fertility
- Family policy


e-mail: kapitany@demografia.hu
tel: +36-1-345-6657

Selected publications

Kapitány, Balázs – Spéder, Zsolt (2019): Fertility. In Monostori, Judit – Őri, Péter – Spéder, Zsolt (eds.): Demographic Portrait of Hungary, 2018. Report on the conditions of the Hungarian population. Hungarian Demographic Research Institute, Budapest: 49–66.

Spéder, Zsolt - Kapitány, Balázs (2014): Failure to realize fertility intentions: a key aspect of the post-communist fertility transition. Population Research and Policy Review. 33(3), 393-418.

Spéder, Zsolt – Kapitány, Balázs (2014): Influences on the Link Between Fertility Intentions and Behavioural Outcomes. In Philipov, Dimiter - Liefbroer, Aart C. - Klobas, Jane E. (eds): Reproductive Decision-Making in a Macro-Micro Perspective. Springer, 79-112.

Kapitány, Balázs - Spéder Zsolt (2012): Réalisation et évolution des intentions de fécondité en trois ans dans quatre pays européens. Population (French Edition) 67(4), 599-630.

Kapitány, Balázs – Döme, Péter – Rihmer, Zoltán (2011): Associations between season of birth and the risk of lung cancer: epidemiological findings from Hungary. Chronobiology International 28(7), 643-650.

Spéder, Zsolt – Kapitány, Balázs – Neumann, László (2010): Life-course transitions in Hungary before and after the societal transformation. In: Anxo, D – Bosch, G - Rubery J (eds.) The welfare state and life transitions. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. 182-207.

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