Gresits Gabriella

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Junior Research Fellow


Research fields

- Ageing
- Elderly care
- Status of elderly in family

tel.: (06-1) 345-6945



Monostori, Judit – Gresits, Gabriella (2019): Ageing. In Monostori, Judit – Őri, Péter – Spéder, Zsolt (eds.): Demographic Portrait of Hungary, 2018. Report on the conditions of the Hungarian population. Hungarian Demographic Research Institute, Budapest: 131–149.

Melegh, Attila - Gábriel, Dóra - Gresits, Gabiriella - Hámos, Dalma (2018): Abandoned Hungarian workers and the political economy of care work in Austria. Review of Sociology of the Hungarian Sociological Association 28(4), pp.61-88.

Gresits, Gabriella: Focus group fundamental research. In Veroszta Zs. (ed): Technical report. Growing Up in Hungary - Cohort ’18 Hungarian birth cohort study. Prenatal research, preparational phase. Working Papers on Population, Family and Welfare, no 30.,  pp. 41-45.

Monostori Judit - Gresits Gabriella (2017): Perceived age of becoming old. Research Highlights no.33., Hungarian Demographic Research Institute.