Tóth G., Csaba

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Research Fellow

Research fields

- Population projection
- Life expectancy
- Fiscal policy


E-mail: toth@demografia.hu
Tel.: + 36 1 345 6089



Tóth, Csaba G (2021):  Multi-population models to handle mortality crises in forecasting mortality: A case study from Hungary. Society and Economy, 43(2), 128-146.

Tóth, Csaba G. (2021):  Age- and Gender-Specific Excess Mortality during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Hungary in 2020. MPRA Paper 106948, University Library of Munich, Germany.

Tóth, Csaba G. (2021): Multi-population models to handle mortality crises in forecasting mortality: a case study from Hungary. Working Papers No. 36.

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